Training and development and employee performance in Organizations, a case study of mtn Koboko District

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study was set to identify the impact of training and development on performance of employees in organizations with special attention to MTN Koboko, the research findings clearly indicate that it is necessary for an organization to train and develop its employees. Through the adoption of an analytical research design, the study involved 40 respondents contacted through questionnaire. The findings were that there is a direct relationship between employee training and development. The findings were that there are farfetched benefits of training and development of employees to both the employees and the company or business and the key benefits included that training and development of employees was cheaper than recruiting new employees, saves organization money by making, employees become more efficient, Enhanced company image, reduced employee turnover and Improves risk management of agreement under this the researcher found that training was cheaper. It was found the major effect of training on employee performance, was that training contributes to employee management followed by control of product capacity of respondents, capital followed, observation of ethics agreement, consistency in operations and adherence to company policies was the least effect according to the respondents. The presentation indicates that training and development aspects bring into control issues related management and performance capabilities of people. The final objective on strategies was that majority of the respondents reported that fairness in selection of trainees should be exercised in order for trainings and development to benefit the company, proper planning. The minority the respondents reported that monitoring the trainings and evaluating the trainees' performance needed to be done to improve on the impact of the trainings. Encouraging trainees to concentrate in the trainings and getting sponsorship for training. The training and development was found to be essential the reason it needs to be maintained and improved to arrive at high employee performance.
A research dissertation submitted to the College Of Applied Economics And Management Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of Bachelors of Human Resource Management of Kampala International University
Training, Development, Employee, Performance