School management and universal primary education policy implementation in Koboko municipality- Uganda

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Kampala International University
The study investigated the relationship between School Management and Universal Primary Education Policy implementation in Koboko Municipality, Uganda. The study was guided by objectives; to find out the relationship between planning and UPE policy implementation, to measure the relationship between organising and UPE policy implementation, to determine the relationship between staffing and UPE policy implementation , and to examine the relationship between budgeting and UPE policy implementation. A descriptive survey research design was employed in the study. The total population involved 189 respondents from the research area. A questionnaire was personally administered by the researcher. The data was analysed using frequency and percentage, mean and standard deviation. Pearson linear correlation was used to establish the relationship between School management and UPE policy implementation in Koboko Municipal primary schools. The results showed that there was positive relationship between School management and UPE policy implementation(r=895; p<0.01).The study concluded that the implementation of UPE was not all that effective because of inadequate resources and facilities. In addition, human resource and instructional materials the government is trying to supply are inadequate as a result of the growing population from the indigenous and refugee children from Sudan. The government should try to capture population in Koboko municipality over a period of time to estimate supplies adequately to schools and also request UNHCR to play part in supporting the schools for effective policy implementation. In all her efforts to implement UPE, involvement of school management at grassroots level to run schools should be a priority.
A thesis submitted to the college of education, open, distance and e-learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of master of education in educational administration and management of Kampala International University
School management, Universal primary education policy implementation, Koboko municipality- Uganda