The assessment of challenges and opportunities of tourist board in promoting tourism development of Kenya Tourist Board (ktb)

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Kampala International University.College of Economics and Management
The study was carried out in Kenya with specific reference to Kenya Tourist Board (K.T.B), Nairobi. The overall aim of the study was to make an assessment of the challenges and Opportunities of Tourist Boards in the Development of Tourism: Case study of Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) The overall objective of this study was to determine the challenges and opportunities of Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) in development of tourism sector in the country. The study focused on the specific objectives which were, to assess the role played by KTB in developing tourism in Kenya, the evaluation extent to which KTB had in performing its roles, to determine the challenges and opportunities ofKTB in marketing and promotion of tourism, and finally examined how opportunities were used to overcome the challenges. The study sample frame included officials of K.T.B, tourists, tourism officers and managers of the various tourism organisations. The instruments used for collecting the data were primary and secondary methods which consisted of self-administered questionnaires, observation and interview schedule. Other documents or information thought to be necessary were also cited. A number of challenges and opportunities were identified during primary and secondary data collection and research findings at K. T.B. K. T.B involved strategic plans in developing Kenya Tourism Industry. Though according to the views of some of the respondents like tourists, Ministry of Tourism officials and managers of hotels and tour and travel companies said the performance ofKTB was not of the expected standards. This was due to low increase of tourist arrivals in Kenya as well as lack of repeat tourists who would bring sustainable development of tourism in Kenya. Hence the opportunities were given to overcome this problem. The conclusion was clearly cited and recommendations were drawn up for both the employees of the Tourism Department of the ministry of Tourism and the Kenya Tourist Board for better performances. For example the employees worked together in overcoming the challenges that KTB was facing. The findings were proved to gradual growth and development of Tourism Industry in Kenya. The suggestions and solutions were implemented by the above mentioned departments.
The research report submitted to the College of Economics and Applied Sciences Management as partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of bachelor of Tourism and Hotel Management of Kampala International University
Assessment, Challenges, Opportunities, Promoting, Tourism, Development