Quality of school feeding program and academic performance of learners, a case study of selected primary schools of Busia County, Busia Municipality Kenya

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Kampala International University ,College of Education, Department of Open and E-distance Learning
The purpose of this study was to assess the efficacy of the school feeding programs implemented in primary schools of Bus/a County. The study was focused on the following undertakings; finding out the number of schools which had implemented the feeding program; assessing the adequacy of feeding program,’ investiqating the educational benefits of the program and the challenges faced Ten primary schools were used in the study; fifty teachers were randomly selected to respond to this study. All the questionnaires distributed were returned to the researcher. Findings showed that ten schools were used for the study. It was established that all the schools in Busia County had implemented a school feeding program. This finding hiqhli~qhts that inspite of this ongoing food crises due to droughl, at least these children are assured of a meal each day they go to school. Findings”show that what is served Th terms of modality is more of ih school meals but it is not being well substituted with other activities yet they are very important. It was also established that the food stuffs mostly served in primary schools included Chapatti, mai~e meal, porridge, sukuma, wiiki, beans and arrow root. The food value from these food stuffs was more of carbohydrates with vitamins such as calcium were not being avail~’d to children yet they badly needed them. Recommendations were also that t/7e Government must hi~ghli~qht the need to implement the school feeding program so that each child regardless of their economic background If possible the school feeding program must be integrated in the national poilcy. Much as there is droughl, government must continue to implement its ,/inking ofschool feedihg program with local agricultural production. Because if this drought is over farmers should continue to benefit from the program, Parents must be sensitized about the long term benefits of enrolling children fri school, This will help to make the incentive of school feeding program compatible with the rest of the household choices if the program is to attract and retain children in schools.
Report submitted to the institute of open and distance learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Degree of Bachelor of Education in Primary Education of Kampala International University
Academic Performance of Learners, School Feeding Programs