Social Factors and Students’ Discipline in Public Secondary Schools in Serere County, Serere District, Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
This study investigated the influence of ~social factors on students’ discipline in selected secondary schools in Serere County, Serere District. To achieve the purpose of the study, three research objectives were set and these included: to ascertain the influence of social factors in secondary schools; to assess students discipline in secondary schools; to establish the relationship between the influence of social factors on students discipline in secondary school~. The design used in this study was descriptive and correlation research design involving both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The sample size used was 825 derived from the population of 2334. Systematic random sampling technique was used to select respondents. Self-administered questionnaires and interview guides were used as research instruments. Validity and reliability of the instruments were determined through Content Validity Index and test and re-test respectively. Data analysis was done by the using frequencies and percentage, mean, correlation and multiple regression matrix. The research findings indicated that the level of influence of social factors in secondary schools in Serere County was generally high (mean of 2.51); the level of students’ discipline in the selected secondary schools was generally low (mean of 2.37); The correlation results indicate that social factors have positive and significant influence on students behavior and this was justified by the r=0.989 and the R2 Value of 0.986 at the significance level of 0.000. Individually, this study found out that mass media, family environment and drug abuse have a significant and positive influence on students’ discipline and this was justified by the 13-values of 0.507 for drug abuse; 0.247 for mass media; and 0.466 for family environment and all at the level of significance at 0.000. However, peer pressure had a negative correlation on students’ discipline as it beta value was -0.220 at the significance of 0.000. The study concluded that the influence of social factors in secondary schools is generally high; the level of students’ discipline was generally low in the selected secondary schools; and there is significant and positive relationship between social factors and students’ discipline. The study recommended that school administrators should employ some mentors and counselors in their schools to help students who have been affected by the forces of social factors; that parents should provide students with care and love. They should also demonstrate exemplary behavior before them so that they can learn some basic principles of life that can enable them behave well at school. Parents should also guide their children on how to behave and show respect to others.
A Thesis Presented To The College Of Higher Degrees And Research In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements Of The Degree Master Of Education Management And Administration Of Kampala International University
Social Factors, Students’ Discipline, Public Secondary Schools