Non-Governmental Organization Activities and Welfare of Refuge in Bosaso District, Puntland Somalia

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
This study examined the contribution of Non-Governmental Organization activities and welfare of refugees in selected district Bosaso, Somalia. A self-made questionnaire is used to collect data in order to obtain four research objectives 1) To identify the profile of respondents, 2) To dete1mine the contribution of Non-Governmental Organization activities, 3) To examine the welfare of the refugee, 4) To establish if there is significant relationship in Non-governmental Organization activities and refuge of welfare. And the study used descriptive survey research design to investigate the contribution of None Governmental Organisation and welfare of refugee in Bosaso, the sample of this study was 104 respondents from IDPs refugees' camps and NGOs workers in selected district Bosaso, Somalia. The key findings from the study were (1) the profile of the respondents found that number of male(42%), respondents according to the number of female were(58% ), in regard to education level, respondents who are secondary level (41 %),those who have diploma are (38%),those who obtained bachelor degree are(16%) whereas master degree is (10%), others who don't have any qualification are 3% and finally PHD holders are 2% of the respondent, the length of work experience that (24%)oftherespondentshavel-2 years' experience,(26%) of the respondent have 3-4 years of experience, and (35%) of the respondents have 5-6 years of experience and 15% of the respondent have more than 7 years' experience. Followed by the age ofrespondents who are less than40 years are (76%) and who are above 60 years are (24%); (2) the contribution of NGOs activities found was good (mean=2.613); 3) degree of refugee welfare is poor (mean 2.490 ); (4) the study also found that there exists a significant positive correlation between the contribution of NGOs activities and refugee welfare. Basing on the findings, it was recommended to NGOs to keenly enhance refugee related activities in Bosaso and put much emphasis on; on provision of mosquito net, Increasing the enrolment of children in schools, increase supplies in basic requirements such as food clothing and strongly advocating for political ceasefire, and NGOs should improve the welfare of the refugees by providing Vocational training programs in order to improve their standard living.
A Thesis Presented to College of High Degree and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Public Administration and Management
Non-Governmental Organization, Welfare, Refuge, Somalia