Fragile ecosystem encroachment and loss of higher animals: a case study of lake Sare wetland, Bondo district, Siaya county, western Kenya.

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Kampala International University, School of Engineering and Applied Science
This study was to assess the role of fragile ecosystems encroachment and loss of higher animals in Lake Sate wetland which is one of the riparian wetland lakes in the larger Yala swamp, located to the north of the swamp in Usigu division of Bondo District. The study conducted along the riparian areas ofthe Lake Victoria and in the wetland and its surrounding was anchored in settlement and agricultural activities as the main areas of focus as regards to the forms of encroachment and thus was to look at how each of the forms mentioned is related to the loss of higher animals in the wetland in addition to the identification of the higher animals still inhabiting the wetland. To ascertain the above, a descriptive study design in which both qualitative and quantitative methods were used was adopted. A total of 60 respondents including the community living around the wetland, farmers, Environment officers, departmental heads. extension officers and other Non governmental organizations were interviewed using interview guides in addition to the informal discussions based on questionnaires. Observations through field visits was also done to ascertain whether the visible encroachment forms in question were a reality. From the study it was revealed that Fragile Ecosystem encroachment play a very significant role in the loss of the wetland animals in Lake Sate wetland thereby contributing to great loss of the biodiversity that the wetland could boast of in the past. Due to this continuing trend of loss of biodiversity, I concluded that conservation is inevitable ifthe wetland and its entire balance that includes the higher animals are to be protected. Therefore, a similar program of declaration and gazzetment of the wetland as a protected area system should be done as fast as possible as was for Lake Kanyiboli. The development of the wetland policy should also be triggered to prevent the other wetlands from reaching such a state and to safeguard the complexity of the wetland ecosystem in totality
a dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the award of bachelor’s degree in environmental management of Kampala international university.
Siaya county, western Kenya, ecosystem encroachment, loss of higher animals