The role of inventory management towards the success of an organization: a case study Continental Machinery (U) Ltd.

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Kampala International University; College of Economics and management
The study was conducted in Continental Machinery (U) Ltd., with the main purpose of investigating the role of inventory management towards the success of an organization. The study aimed at achieving the following objectives; • To evaluate the influence of inventory monitoring and inventory information management towards the success of an organization at Continental Machinery (U) Ltd. • To examine how inventory information management affects the key drivers of the success of an organization. • To examine how inventory monitoring affects service delivery to Continental Machinery (U) Ltd. The procedures used during data collection included questionnaires, interviews, and library research relevant materials. Data was analyzed by the use of descriptive methods of percentage distributions and frequency distribution. The findings were presented in tables, interpreted and discussed where possible. The major findings of this study was that the inventory management has a positive impact the success of the organization that was shown by improvement in their income levels as well as their living standards, as reflected by the data collected in the field. The study made a number of recommendations that included, holding excessive inventory appear as a simple solution to fulfilling customer demands at any given time. However inventories that are super abundant will result in capital being unnecessarily tied up resulting in loss of opportunity, excessive storage costs, risk of obsolesce, additional labour costs, inventory deterioration, and increase in insurance premiums and general crease in over heads to include depreciation and security costs.
A research project report submitted in partial fulfillment of a Bachelor of Supplies and Procurement Management Degree of Kampala International University Faculty of Business and Management
Inventory management, Continental Machinery (U) Ltd.