Constituency Development Fund and the Standard of Living of the Residents of Rachuonyo District, Nyanza Province, Kenya (A Case Study of Karachuonyo Constituency)

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning.
The Study was carried out in Karachuonyo Constituency, Rachuonyo District in Nyanza Province, Kenya. A sample of one hundred fifty respondents were interviewed. The sample was defined by area, age, gender, socio-economic profile and political dynamics. Questionnaires were filled by the respondents from the study area through the assistance of enumeration. The researcher was aimed at checking the services of the constituency. Development Fund (CDF) through the study of distribution and utilization between the years 2003 - 2006. The research had three objectives to achieve, namely the study aimed at finding out how CDF has been distributed in Karachuonyo Constituency between 2003 and 2006. Assessed the utilization of CDF and identified the effectiveness of CDF in Karachuonyo in its implementation and evaluation. The research applied non-experimental method of stratified random sampling on a cross section of respondents target groups were interviewed, telephone conversion and researcher made questionnaire. The researcher employed enumerators who collected some useful information which were later tabulated. 1 ne researcher visited specific institutions and took photographs which helped to remove doubts. The researcher findings were. that the key sectors attracting large allocations Viz education, health and water are the j1eaii of poverty reduction among the residents leading to financial burden reduction for pare11ts as they no longer need to deeply dig into their pockets to build classroom through Harambees. The CDF has led to job creation by hiring labour force, buying goods from local residents for building purposes roads project have improved accessibility to markets. However the researcher found out that some areas have been allocated more funds than others, for exainple schools in West Karachuonyo are more favoured.
A research report submitted to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Degree of Bachelors of Education of -Kampala International University
Constituency Development Fund, Standard of Living, Residents, Nyanza Province, Kenya