A dynamic online recruitment & management system: a case study of NFL consults ltd

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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
Online recruitment can offer significant cost savings for employers and reduces the time taken to fill vacancies. Traditional recruitment advertising is therefore set to retain an important role particularly when recruiting locally (or) for head-to-fill jobs. Many organizations have found a considered combination of both online and traditional approaches to maximize their chances of securing the best candidate. An online recruitment presence shows organizations to be forward thinking and therefore more attractive to potential employees for candidates, online recruitment offers great flexibility and case of access to job searches and provide recruitment services through internet for graduates. This project generally deals with providing for job seekers through this system. The graduates can easily get contact with the organization. At the same time, it makes it easy for the company to get an employee. When graduates register online, they have to give their complete personal details and kills they possess. Thus a resume is generated by these details that are seen by Companies. In the same way the companies have to give complete details of jobs they are providing. By this the employee and job seeker can communicate with each other. Thus, this project plays an important role for recruiting of employees. The companies can access even remote areas of the country. It also gives good opportunity for the freshly graduates to access the information about the organization. Thus this project satisfies,both graduates and employees.
A graduation report submitted to the School of Computer Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Diploma in Computer Science of Kampala International University
Online Recruitment, Management System