Proactive work behavior and performance of employees in nontraditional agricultural export enterprises in central Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Higher Degrees and Research
The level of employee performance has become more imperative as businesses are looking for competitive advantage in the over-saturated global market. One way to improve the performance of employees is to motivate them to behave in a proactive manner. This study investigated the relationship between p:-oactive work behaviour and performance of employee in non-traditional agricultural expmt enterprises in central Uganda. Existence of few empirical studies on the effect of pro-active work behaviour on perfonnance of employees in Uganda is the motivation for this study. The study adopted a descriptive conelational survey design that involved the use of questionnaires and interviews in collecting data from a sample of 208 respondents randomly selected fi·om a population of 436 employees in eight NTAEs. Data was analyzed at uni-variate, bi-variate and at multivmiate level using means, standard deviation, !-statistics, ANOV A, PLCC m1d regression analysis. The study revealed that all variables included in the model (prediction, courage and goal setting) are strong predictors of employee performance. The study also established a strong and positive con·elation between proactive work behaviour and performance of employees. The study recommends that all the three constructs of pro-active work behaviour should be enhanced among employees in NT AEs through developing and implementing a behavioural modification program to train employees on proactive work behaviour improvement which in turn will lead to advancement of their performance.
A Dissertation Presented to the College of Higher Degrees and Research in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for award of a Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management of Kampala International University
work behaviour, performance, employees, agricultural, export