The Effectiveness of Procurement Management Unit in Delivering Services to Local Government. A Case Study of Mtwara District Council Tanzania

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
This study investigated the effectiveness of Procurement Management Unit (PMU) in delivering service to Local Government a case of Mtwara District Council. The study was conceived due to the fact that there was no adequate information about effectiveness of Procurement Management Unit. Specific research questions were: Was PMU established in accordance with Public Procurement Act? What roles did PMU played in Mtwara District Council, What community attitude towards PMU and it’s significant to Mtwara District Council? And what had to be done to improve effectiveness of PMU? The study used descriptive design qualitative of a case study based on questionnaires, interview and documentary review. The sampling units were workers within procurement entity of Mtwara District Council and stake holders. In order to obtain a representative sample non probability technique (purposive judgment) was used where 87 respondents were selected. The sample included following categories; 6 PMU members, 24 Evaluation committee members, 7 Tender Board members, 12 user Department heads, 10 suppliers, 9 service providers and 19 contractors for proper representation of sub groups Data were analyzed using Microsoft Excel table for percentage analysis and graph/charts for comparison. The findings of the study indicated that Procurement management Unit was not effective in delivering services to Mtwara District Council. In the recommendation well-staffed PMU is needed, PMU had to perform tasks as stipulated in PPA (2004), budget provision to PMU is necessary and Government should re- visit Public procurement Act (2004) section 34 to clear doubt of PMU’s staffing together with structure establishment. Researcher recommended further research to bridge the gap on Impact of effective implementation Public Procurement Act in Local governments.
A Thesis Presented To The School Of Postgraduate Studies And Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Degree Master Of Business Administration In Supplies And Procurement
Procurement Management, Delivering Services, Local Government