The implication of free primary education on performance of learners with specific disabilities in Banja, Hamisi District in Kenya

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Kampala International University, school of education
This study focused on the effects of Free Primary with SLD’s in Banjä zone Hamisi district. The objective was to find out the performance of learners in SLDs .The was collected using both close and open ended questionnaires The research found out that so many learners were dropping out of school and the basic reasons as to why learners fail mathematics and English. The researcher used 24 respondents drawn out of eight schools out 16 schools in Banja zone .The research used stratified random sampling Amidst the anomalies, the government has tried to put incentives to improve the learning standards but both external and internal factors play a negative role. The research also found out that so many people don’t know that education is a right that every one must join that club of the elites and therefore there is need to pursue it at all cost
A research report submitted to the institute of long distance learning as a partial fulfillment leading to the a ward of a degree of bachelor special needs (S.N.E.) of Kampala International University
Free primary education, Learners with specific disabilities, Performance, Hamisi District, Kenya