The doctrine of separation of powers in Uganda: a myth or a reality

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Kampala International University, School of Law
There are other publications whose theme has been centered upon analyzing the doctrine of separation of powers in Uganda: a myth or a reality. Materials on this subject are so scanty and while it's easy to come across several writings where the doctrine is mentioned. It often turns out that this is done sketchily and in passing. Numerous people have hitherto expressed the need to strengthen an observance of the doctrine in order to put in place good governance and its attendant benefits, but have not gone further as to recommend what measures ought to be put in place to achieve this end. Yet still some people may look at the doctrine as an end in itself while nothing more than a mere means to an end. Considering above, the task before me has not been easy. However, I have endeavored to do the best I can and came up with a commendable piece of work though it may not wholly be comprehensive. This work has involved an analysis of the separation of power and whether it's a myth or a reality in Uganda post 1995 period to date. As nothing much has been done by way of coming up with an analysis following the trend that I have took, I only hope that my maiden and humble contribution based on the doctrine of separation of power will be of some benefit not only to the students of constitutional law but also to those interested in constitutional governance with the law reform generally
A Final Year Research Paper Submitted in for Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of Degree of Bachelor of Laws at Kampala International University
Doctrine of separation of powers, Uganda, Myth