Ethical issues and procurement process in public sector: a case study of government aided health units in Makindye Division:

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management.
This research dealt with the effects of ethical issues on the procurement process in public health sector of Makindye Division Kampala. The study was conducted through a descriptive survey research Design. The research was guided by the following research questions; what is the relationship between ethiQs and the procurement process of public Health sector in Makindye Division?, what is the impact of unethical conduct on the procurement process of public Health Sector in Makindye Division?, what is the significance of the procurement process to the public Health Sector in Makindye Division?. The study tackled issues as cited in the study objectives; To find out the relationship between ethics and the procurement process of the public I-lealth sector in Makindye Division, to assess the impact of unethical conduct on the procurement process of Public Health sector in Makindye Division and to analyze the significance of Procurement process in the public Health Sector in Makindye Division. A sample size of 52 respondents was determined using Solvets formula, n N 1 +N(e)2 Respondents were provided with Questionnaires to fill so as to ascertain their positions as regards to questions asked. Also senior staffs were subjected to interviews in order to gather a more detailed version of their judgments as concerns the ethical issues and the procurement process. The findings were presented in tables and pie-charts and the researcher deducted that; The research experienced serious gaps especially as regards to the amalgamating the information from various Health centers in Makindye Division as not all had consistent information regarding to the pre-determined Questionnaires provided to the respondents. She advanced the following recommendations that; A detailed research on the impact of Ethics on the construction industry. Ethical considerations be entirely emphasized and adopted so as to eliminate the rampant occurrence of unacceptable values and norms. Ethical code of conduct should be pinned to the walls of offices to keep reminding the employees of their due responsibility of upholding ethical standards
a research report submitted to college of economics and management in partial fulfilment of requirement for the award of a bachelor’s degree in supplies and procurement management of Kampala international university.
procurement process, Ethical issue, government health units