Advertising and business performance in selected hotels in Kigali-city Rwanda

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Kampala International University
This study has aroused the interest of the research when the researcher realized that the business performance in some hotels industry in Kigali city had increased significantly in the case that others decreased entire to fell. That is why the researcher has been interested to investigate the level to which advertising affects the business performance of hotels in Kigali city Rwanda. The objectives of this study were to establish the extent to which advertising affects business performance in selected hotels in Kigali city. Specifically, the study established the (i) level of Advertising, (ii) level of business performance, (iii) significant difference between advertising and business performance, (iv) and the relationship between advertising and business performance in selected hotels in Kigali city. The data were collected using questionnaire and analyzed using descriptive survey design and statistics for mean and standard deviation and were analyzed at uni-variate level using frequencies counts and summary statistics and Pearson Linear Correlation Coefficient at bi-variate level. The study revealed that there was a high level of Advertising and there was also a high level of business performance in the selected hotels in Kigali city. There was a significant and positive relationship between the level of Advertising and business performance indicating that the high level of advertising is significantly responsible for the existence of high level of business performance in the selected hotels in Kigali city. This study recommend Hotel managers (owners) to train marketing professionals in advertising, and also to invest reasonably in order to create brand awareness, they should reinforce advertising their products and use other channels of efficient advertising as small business websites or Online lead generation as an Internet marketing in the objective to bring extra revenue. The Ministry of Trade should come up with good policies addressing the use of advertising in hotels industry. The contribution of this study to the entire community is to provide the scientific information’s for making decision on advertising for business performance in selected Hotels in Kigali-City Rwanda.
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Business performance, Hotels, Kigali, Rwanda