Abolition of Corporal Punishments and Students Discipline in Schools. A Case Study of Winstone Senior Secondary School

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Kampala International University, Colleges of Humanities and Social sciences
The purpose of the study was to examine the impact of corporal punishment on students’ discipline. The study was guide by three specific objectives and these included; to identify the various forms of corporal punishments in schools, to identify various impacts of corporal punishment on students’ discipline and to find solutions to managing discipline in schools. The study employed qualitative and quantitative approach method in collecting data and a sample of 92 respondents participated in the study. From the study findings, it was revealed that both men and women participated in the study, further still, it was revealed that canning was most commonly used form of corporal punishment use at Winston senior secondary school as it was evidenced by the majority of respondents 28 (3 0%), however, corporal punishments resulted into high school drpeouts and reduce on the problem, respondents suggested teaching good morals. The study recommended that Encourage learners to choose and follow the specific behaviour from their code of conduct. Educators must teach learners to evaluate their behaviour on a daily basis by recognizing and crediting good behaviour. For example, the educator may credit all learners with 10 points from the first day of the school week. Each time the learner misbehaves he/she loses a point. On the last day of the school week the number of point each remains with is counted. The one with the most number of points is honored the King/Queen of the following week. The Ministry of Education should develop programmes for girls who drop out of school particularly due to pregnancy or child bearing. They need functional skills. This training should also aim at instilling in them moral values. Introducing moral up bringing in the curriculum would probably discourage girls from becoming pregnant. Government needs to develop policies and programmes to corporal punishments in schools. There is need for a clear policy the recommended forms of corporal punishments to be used in school .This will help to ensure that students are not just punished.
A Dissertation Submitted to The College of Economics and Management Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of The Requirements of The Award of a Bachelor’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling of Kampala International University
Corporal Punishments, Students Discipline