Material handling systems and suppliers' effectiveness of commercial transporting agents in A

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study intended to establish the relationship between Material Handling Systems and Suppliers' Effectiveness, in Commercial Transporting Agents; the Case of Blue Pearls Company Limited in Nakawa Division, Uganda. This study was guided by three objectives; (i) to determine the extent of Material Handling Systems in terms of storage, packaging, loading, Offloading, safety, documentation, monitoring, dispensing, space at Blue Pearls Company Limited ; (ii) to determine the level of Suppliers' Effectiveness in terms of accountability, transparency, timeliness, accuracy, product and service quality, specification, and quantity supplied (iii) to establish whether there is a significant relationship between Material Handling Systems and Suppliers' Effectiveness, in Commercial Transp01ting Agents; the Case of Blue Pearls Company Limited in Nakawa Division, Uganda. A descriptive correlational, cross-sectional and expost-facto design were used. Data analysis was done using frequencies, percentages, means, and Pearson linear correlation coefficiency (PLCC). The findings indicated that most respondents were male with (54%), ranged between 20-39 years of age with (66%), over (50%) had bachelors' in education and majority (60%) had a length of experience between 6-10 years. On the level of Material Handling Systems at Blue Pearls Company Limited in Nakawa Division, Uganda, had an overall average mean which showed 2.83 (high) on likert scale. The level of Suppliers' Effectiveness, in Commercial Transpo1ting Agents at Blue Pearls Company Limited in Nakawa Division, Uganda was also high with an average mean of 2.73, this means that the level of performance was generally high. The findings also indicated a positive significant relationship, since the significant value was less than or equal to 0.05, which is the maximum level of significance required to declare a significant relationship. It was recommended that the researcher recommends to uplift transparency in firms since it was found low on average hence making profits. Reduce potential accidents associated with workplace equipment, reduce the severity of an injury, an emergency button or pull cord designed to stop the conveyor must be installed at the employee's work station. have an emergency stop cable that extends the entire length of the conveyor belt, Keeping items properly shelved and consistent with the catalog, remove bags from the stack, start from the top row first. Baled paper and rags stored inside a building must not be closer than 18 inches to the walls, pa,titions, or sprinkler heads. Conduct or assist in the inspection because they are aware of how the sling is used and what makes a sling unserviceable. A damaged or defective sling must be removed from service. Workers who must handle and store materials often use fork trucks, platform lift trucks, motorized hand trucks, and other specialized industrial trucks powered by electrical motors or internal combustion engines. Alerting the employee to the dangers of lifting without proper training. Teaching workers to become aware of what they can comfortably handle without undue strain. Instructing workers on the proper use of equipment. And Teaching workers to recognize potential hazards and how to prevent or correct them. To make sure you are using the most up-to-date, accurate information, "move up to an affordable supply chain platform." Identify innovation partners; Supply chain managers must determine which of their suppliers possess capabilities they can tap into to help produce innovations in products, services or go-to-market strategies, improve current processes by leveraging supplier capabilities, Manage information, not information management; "Enterprise, facilitate proper collection, identification and easy access to allow for rapid decisions, Involve your employees; Integrate sales, operations and finance; "Integrate what Sales plans to sell, what Operations plans to make and what Finance, monitor performance of all supply chain partners; "The failure of a key supplier can be disruptive and ultimately impact revenue," "You want to be constantly monitoring your suppliers so you don't get caught off guard." To keep on top of your supplier network, "have a system in place to measure, improve and, if necessary, replace paitners, "Implement tracking and mobile technologies; improve efficiencies and minimize costs and inaccuracies, take advantage of technology Analyze information to meet customer needs V
research report submitted to the college of economics and management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Bachelor's Degree in Supplies and procurement of Kampala International University
Material handling systems, Commercial transporting agents, Uganda