Challenges Faced By Learners with Hearing Impairment in Primary Schools: A Case Study of Two Special Needs Schools in Arua District, Uganda.

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in special needs education
This study investigates the challenges faced by learners with hearing impairment, a case of Ocoko and Ediofe Primary school for the deaf in Arua District. It is based on data obtained from a survey by the researcher in 2009 complemented by secondary information from various Non-Governmental Organizations providing a helping hand to persons with hearing loss in Arua District. The investigation reveals that three quarters of the people living in Arua District have a negative attitude towards persons with hearing impairment This situation is attributed by some people who do not !mow the real causes that lead to these learners with hearing impairment, Some of the people do take these problems as minor issues when they are so big affecting their academic progress. The research indicates that almost all the learners with hearing impairment in the two special schools were not happy due to the challenges that they faced though some NGOs have tried to solve few of their problems, still these problems are not totally solved; this can be seen in the unhappy lives they live.
A Research Report Submitted to the Faculty of Education in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of a Bachelor's Degree in Special needs with Education (SME) of Kampala International University
Learners, Hearing Impairment, Special Needs Schools, Arua District