Supplier appraisal on organization performance: a case study of muteesa I royal university kakeeka campus

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management.
This research study sought to establish the impact of supplier appraisal on performance of an organization. The researcher adopted a descriptive research design. The analysis involved primary data obtained through questionnaires, interviews and secondary data, which was obtained from relevant journals and books. It was evident from the findings that supplier appraisal at Muteesa 1 Royal University Kakeeka Campus was effectively conducted as indicated by 75% percent of the responses. It was also found that the university usually do not conduct supplier appraisal due to low value Items procured and without long-term supplier relationship required. It was also found out that the university mainly conducts pre supplier appraisal especially on suppliers of scholastic materials and post-contractual supplier appraisal mainly for cleaning, software and computers, and security services. The researcher propose that, an effective supplier appraisal both pre and post contract appraisal should be conducted in order to ensure value for money and to satisfy consumer needs mainly students and lecturers. This will lead to effective operation of the university and will help to achieve its mission and vision. The findings from the research confirmed the need to establish a strong evaluation system, which will supervise, monitor and appraise suppliers’ performance. This study contributes to our knowledge on procurement process by presenting the key role of supplier appraisal on effective procurement process and organization performance through improving on performance of suppliers. A conclusion was drawn that there was a need for maximum supplier appraisal at Muteesa 1 Royal University and identification of gaps for further research were cited
a research report submitted to the school of education, open and distance learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the ward of bachelors of supplies and procurement management of Kampala international university.
Supplier appraisal, organization performance, muteesa I royal university