The legal analysis on drug trafficking in Kenya; a case study of Mombasa County (Coastal Province)

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Kampala International University, School of Law
The rise in the number of drug and substance related risks in Kenya, points towards an increase in vulnerabilities. The increase in drug trafficking among young people incorporates all levels, and what began as the use of drugs in African traditional society for social relations evolved over time into a problem of dependence and abuse. Drug and substance are readily available to adults and to youth and girls and women are catching up fast with males. Not only does the youth consume alcohol but also use drugs to the extent that substances pose dangers to the health of the youth and ultimately to the well being of the nation. This indicates that the rise in disasters and their consequences are related to the rise in the vulnerability of people all over the world that is induced by the human determined path of development. It is now recognized that risks (physical, social and economic) unmanaged ( or mismanaged) for a long time lead to occtmence of disasters. Risk and vulnerability are in extiicably linked and therefore vulnerability must be understood if risk is to be managed. The study was canied out in Kenya in Mombasa county ( coastal province) it was found out that Drug Trafficking in Kenya and most especially in Mombasa is high mostly in youth that is University students and some people in Government plus police officers who are meant to enforce the law against drug trafficking. The study fisher found out was that the government was working against vulnerability to drug and substance abuse through it agents such as the police, probation and after care services detriment, the comics, the ministry of youth affairs and sports. It was recommended that the government should sensitize the public of the dangers of drug trafficking and abuse and also enact specific laws on drug trafficking and abuse.
A dissertation presented to the School of Law in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of the Degree of Bachelor Of Laws of Kampala International University
Drug trafficking, Mombasa County, Kenya