The effect of communication on organizational performance: a case study of Bishop’s Senior School, Mukono

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and social sciences.
This study was designed to find out how the communication affects the organizational performance as selected case study of Bishop’s Senior School, Mukono was used. The questionnaires were provided to the respondents from the selected from Bishop’s Senior School, Mukono and the information obtained was quantitatively analyzed through the demographic descriptions. According to the findings of this study, the forms of communication used by Bishop’s Senior School are downward, in downward communication, a message is sent from high position in the organization to a lower position in the hierarchy. The effects of communication where found to be positively underlying the organizational performance and the study clearly outlined that effective communication results into improved quality of services, increased efficiency and innovativeness thereby increasing the organizational productivity. However much there is a great need for effective communication in organizations, the study established that the barriers to effective communication at Bishop’s Senior School, Mukono are majorly cultural barriers such as age, education, gender, social status, economic position, cultural backgrounds, ethics and values. Basing on the findings of the study, it was therefore concluded that communication highly affects the performance of an organization both positively and negatively though the effective communication is more considerable in any organization for the efficient production. The study therefore recommends that Bishop’s Senior School should use words which are clearly understood, reduce on elements of communication, they should also have a system of giving feedback to employees at the organizations since there exists no effective communication without feedback from the receiver and most especially from the managers to the subordinates. It is also recommended that further studies should be carried out on forms of communication used in used in public institutions and how they affect their Performances
A research report submitted to the College of Economics and Management Science in partial fulfillment of requirement for the Award of Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management of Kampala International University
Communication, Organizational Performance, Bishop’s Senior School, Mukono