Encampment and Its Effects to the Surrounding and the Right to a Healthy Environment in Kapelebyong, Amuria District, Uganda.

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Kampala International University, School of law
The people of Kapelebyong have been victims of cattle rusting, which has culminated in the creation of the congested Camps in Kapelebyong. The camps have no basic facilities such as schools, health centres, toilets and clean drinking water. This has led to out breaks for diseases, high infant mortality and high levels of poverty due to loss of the cattle to raiders and destruction of the surrounding environment. The researcher concludes that the people of Kapelebyong and the surrounding area do not enjoy aright to a healthy environment and recommends that the public be sensitized on environment, education and all the necessary facilities be put in place by government. The government must not close the camp but rather must get involved in the provision of security and basic facilities. This study concludes that in order to achieve the full recognition of the right to a healthy environment in Kapelebyong, the following need to be done. In order to reverse the situation in Kapelebyong which increasingly appears to be desertifying? Training of experts in environmental management is absolutely necessary. Sensitization of the public is long overdue. Awareness of the environment, its pollutants, general damage, erosion and de-a forestation. The applicable laws should be promoted in order to spur evolutional change in behaviour, technological investment and institutional will to build the necessary infrastructure. In this connection, research, information gathering and sharing regarding Kapelebyong must be encouraged to create environmental awareness. This in turn calls for international and national cooperation in environmental protection. In order to move towards the realization of this right for the people of Kapelebyong, it is important that the role of the individual and the public in general is enhanced. Education, public awareness and uplifting of standards of living are important ingredients in the realization of the right. The government of Uganda, the international NGOs and the people of Kapelebyong have a lot to learn from their own experiences and that of international community in a bid to improve the environment and to prevent further degradation of the environment in Kapelebyong amidst insecurity.
A Thesis Paper presented to the School of Post Graduate Studies and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the Requirements for The Award of Master’s Degree in Law.
Environment, Healthy, Encampment, Amuria District