Methali Za Wanyankole Na Mafunzo Yake Kwa Vijana Wilayani Mfano; Bushenyi

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Kampala International University, school of education
This research paper looked at the proverbs of I3anyankole and their lessons to the youth: a casc study of Bushenyi District. The purpose of this study was to analyze examples of Banyankole proverbs. Secondly, the study aimed at analyzing lessons of Banyankole provcrbs on youth. The objectives that guided the study were; to show examples of Banyankole proverbs, to analyze the lessons of BanyanlCole Proverbs on youth and to evaluate the consequences of not considering lessons of Banyankole proverbs. The study followed a descriptive analytical research design where qualitative and quantitative methods are to be used; the sample size was made of 25 respondents. • The findings of the study were; even though there are proverbs in Banyankole community, these proverbs have different lessons according to the way they are used. The first lesson is that proverbs are used with the aim of warning, to mold behaviors and also they are used according to the environment of stay, • that’s unity, education and family, this study also discovered that the difficult of knowing lessons of these proverbs comes from the fact that it depends with the aim of the one who is speaking the proverb and he/she is in which environment In conclusion if the environment was considered, the use of proverbs would have increased and their lessons would have been beneficial to the youth. This study recommends that proverbs should be collected so that their total is known, their meanings to be known and be given a chance to be used in gatherings and in different campaigns so that they can spread and benefit the youth in the community
Tasnifu Iliyowasilishwa Kutosheleza Baadhi Ya Mahitaji Ya Kuhitimu Shahada Ya Bae Katika Chuo Kikuu Cha Kimataifa Cha Kampala
kinyankole, mithali