The critical analysis of the applicability of alternative dispute resolution in Uganda

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Kampala International University; School of Law
This study critically examined the applicability of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Uganda. Arbitration, adjudication and mediation are the most frequently used dispute resolution methods in Uganda. A literature review focused on arbitration, adjudication and mediation in Uganda. The study design was doctrinal and it -depended mostly on books and literature review in the Ugandan and international context, the research concluded that for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to be effective in solving disputes in Uganda, mediators, arbitrators and adjudicators with knowledge of the ADR should be appointed. In terms of its characteristics, ADR should be the best option to resolve disputes. However, it is not being fully utilized due to the characteristics of dispute resolution itself and the absence of an appropriate framework to guide the disputing parties on the overall process. The study concluded that It is also noteworthy that legal training in Uganda is progressing away from the adversarial system to moderate training involving ADR and exposure to ADR practical techniques. There is the need to allocate financial resources into the ADR sector to help in training and motivation of practitioners. The revelation of the study was that, Mediators, especially those attached to the courts are less paid and sometimes not paid at all. This has a potential of stifling the smooth operation of ADR if care is not taken. There is the need also to engage in periodic monitoring and quality control of mediators or practitioners especially the court connected ones to ensure that its processes do not easily assume the character of litigation.
A research report submitted to the Faculty of Law in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of a Bachelor of Laws Degree of Kampala International University
Critical analysis, Applicability of alternative dispute resolution, Uganda