Record keeping and organisational effectiveness in Abacus paranteral drugs limited Mukono district, Uganda

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Kampala International University. College of Economics & Management
The study intended to establish the relationship between Record keeping and Organizational Effectiveness the case Abacus Paranteral Drugs Limited Mukono District, Uganda”. It was guided by four objectives which included determining: Demographic characteristics of respondents; level of Record keeping ; level of Organizational effectiveness and significant relationship in level of Record Keeping and organizational effectiveness. A descriptive corelational, and expost Facto design were used. Data analysis was done using frequencies, percentages, Means, and Pearson linear correlation coefficiency (PLCC) were used to analyse Data. The target population of the study was 1010 with a sample size of 280 Respondents. The findings indicated that most respondents were; half of the Study participants were female (5l.80%), (63.90%) were married, on educational Level, Bachelors’ Degree holder dominated among others (44.30%), most Respondents were between 40-59 years (70.0%), more than half of the study Subject were Administrator (69.60%), Predominant in the number of years of Service (70.0%) were those serving from 4-6 years, All aspect of record keeping As practiced in the division ranged from very high to low. Thus record keeping Was rated high on. Accountable/Reliable (mean=2.96), Accessibility and Maintenance (mean=3.18), Adequate And Proper Documentation (mean=3.06), Trustworthiness and coding (mean=3.13) , Recordkeeping system (mean=3.03), Transparency/Safety (mean=3.09) and Regarding response on the level of Organizational effectiveness were good with these options most frequently rated High: Team building (mean=3.15), Monitoring and authorization(mean=2.99), Training and continuing education(mean=3.07), Needs and assets assessment (mean=3.09), Employee skills(mean=3.13), Leadership(mean=3.00), Fraud Control and the overall mean (3.06). There was no significant relationship Between the extent of record keeping and the level of organizational Effectiveness in Abacus Paranteral Drugs Limited Mukono District, Uganda; hence The null hypothesis was accepted. The researcher recommended that; Investigates and approves the prescribed records classification systems Determines the conditions subject ,provides training to records managers, senior Administrative officials, training officials, work study officials and registry heads, Control the quantity and quality of records produced, simplify the activities, Systems, and processes of records creation and of records maintenance and use, Preserve and dispose of records in accordance with the governing statutes, Authoritative and reliable records are created and maintained in an accessible, Intelligent and usable manner on organizational effectiveness ;- Identify potential Leaders in your organization early in the year, share the effective leadership qualities And skills you learned on the job, Orient the new officers together with the outgoing Officers so they can understand each other’s roles and start building their team, Managing e-mail as records, stretch your capabilities by building partnerships ,should present the findings of the research and proposed strategies to the Business dwellers in a meeting to reveal the facts based information about the Practice of record keeping and organizational effectiveness and to solicit Cooperation in the implementation of the proposed strategies.
A Thesis Presented to the College of Higher Degrees and Research of Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of the Degree of Master of Business Administration Human Resource Management.
Record keeping, Mukono district, Uganda