Supplier selection process and service delivery; a case of hotel Africana in Kampala Central Division Uganda

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Kampala International University.College Of Economics and Management
The study intended to establish the relationship between Supplier Selection Process and Service Delivery, in Hotel Africana. This study was guided by these objectives; (a) To determine the demographic profile (b) to determine the extent of Supplier Selection Process (c) To determine the level of Service Delivery in Hotel Africana in Kampala Central Division, Uganda; (d) to establish whether there is a significant relationship between Supplier Selection Process and Service Delivery, in Hotel Africana in Kampala Central Division, Uganda. A descriptive correlational, cross-sectional design was used. Data analysis was done using frequencies, percentages, means, and Pearson linear correlation co-efficiency (PLCC). The main instruments of data collection were questionnaires, interviews and document analysis. The findings indicated that majority of respondents were male (over 52%), between 40-59 years of age over 44%, over (81%) were married ,majority were bachelors degree holders (over 54%) and over 52% were employees and over 57% had spent 2-4 years in that area. From the findings, the level of Service Delivery was good with an overall mean of 3.15, relevant experience and track record with average mean = 3.25; relevant skills had average mean= 3.20; methodology had an average mean of 3.18; documenting the evaluation process and notification of evaluation outcome average mean=3 .165. Regarding the level of service delivery it had an overall mean of 3.14. Since it was divided, respect for customer had an average mean of 3.20, on-Time delivery had 3.16, Teamwork had 3.11, Prices had an average mean of 3.08, and Product quality had an average mean of 3.16. In light with the findings of the study, the following pointers were suggested: To continue to add value to their organizations, purchasing and supply management professionals must continue to find new and better ways to manage their suppliers. In fact, rethinking some tried and true methods, but with some new wrinkles, also can do the trick. Thus, Institute a supplier evaluation process. "In supply chain management, buyer-supplier relationships are critical to the success of the strategic goals of a company; define, in writing, the product, material or service that you are searching for a vendor; defines the technical and business requirements;, define the vendor requirements; publishes your document to the areas relevant to this vendor selection process and seek their input. Have the team analyze the comments and create a final document; compile a list of possible vendors; preliminary review of all vendor proposals; record business requirements and vendor requirements; assigns importance value for each requirement; assign a performance value for each requirement; list rank your priorities along with alternatives; supplier selection criteria for a paiticular product or service category should be defined by a "cross-functional" team of representatives from different sectors of your organization; include representatives from purchasing, quality, engineering and production; include personnel with technical/applications knowledge of the product or service to be purchased; Visits to the supplier by management and/or the selection team; and on Service Delivery ;consider the customers' needs; be prompt by responding as quickly as possible to all inquiries; provide technical support availability and willingness to participate as a partner in developing and optimizing design and a long-term relationship; track record for business-performance improvement. It was concluded that, majority of respondents were male, between 40-59 years, were married ,with bachelors degree were Employees who had spent 2-4 year in that area. The level of Supplier Selection Process was good in line with relevant experience and track record, relevant skills, methodology, and documenting the evaluation process and notification of evaluation outcome, hence performing effectively and efficiently. The level of Service Delivery was good also and a conclusion was made that the services suits the hotel professionalism hence creating a change in an industry that differ from other industries, services as well as packaging. The null hypothesis of there is no significant relationship between the levels of Supplier Selection Process and Service Delivery was rejected and the alternative was accepted. A conclusion was taken that increase in the level of Supplier Selection Process even Service Delivery will improve at 95% level of significance.
Research report submitted to the College of Economics and Management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a bachelor's degree in Supplies and Procurement of Kampala International University
Supplier, Process, Service delivery, Hotel Africana, Uganda