Youth unemployment and crime in Bosaso City, Somalia

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Kampala International University
The study examined the impact of youth unemployment on crime in Bosaso city, Somalia. It was guided by three objectives that is to say; analyzing the causes of youth unemployment, examining the nature of crime committed by youths and examining how youth’s unemployment leads to crime in Bosaso Somalia. The study adopted a cross-sectional survey design that allows analysis of both quantitative and qualitative. The study was carried out on the youths living in Bosaso where a sample of 109 respondents was selected using simple random sampling technique. The findings showed that the rate of youth un employment is high in Bosaso and this is due to a number of reasons such as lack of education, lack of experience, political instabilities, limited jobs among others. The study also showed that because of un employment, youths have engaged in a number of crimes including, terrorism, robbery, kidnapping, drug abuse, domestic violence among others. The study revealed a strong, significant and positive correlation between gender and the level of unemployment among youths (r=.824** , p<.01)(82%). This indicates that the level of unemployment differs between males and females. There is a strong, significant and positive correlation between age and cause of unemployment (r=.744**, p<.01)(74%). This confirms that most of the youths are unemployed than the elders. According to the findings, there is a strong relationship between education and unemployment (r=.901** , p<.01)(90%). The educated tend to find what to do easily than the uneducated. The findings also revealed a poor relationship between marital status and unemployment (r=.408**, p<.01) (44%). This indicates that marital status does not have a direct effect on unemployment. The study showed that both employed and employed youths can perpetrate or be influenced to perpetrate violence that can threaten national security. The study recommends that that another strategy is the promotion of education from grassroots levels, and the need to introduce and encourage vocational and technical education at all levels of education in the country. This will help reduce youth unemployment since it is skills oriented and employment motivated. Similarly entrepreneurship should be incorporated into education curriculum at all levels, starting from secondary schools to higher level institutions. This will help prepare youths to becoming more of job creators than job seekers and hence from social dependence to self-sufficient.
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Youth unemployment, Crime, Bosaso City, Somalia