A report on the impact of computer education on students' performance:

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
This research focuses on the impact of computer education on student's performance in secondary schools in Vihiga district in Western province, Kenya. Its major emphasis is on the positive and the negative impact which computer education has had on students and it also recommends on ways of improving the quality of computer studies since it's relatively a new subject in schools. The study was carried out in the months of Februaiy, March and April. It covered a total of five secondary schools and two Computer Colleges. The schools being chosen from many categories i.e. government and private, mixed, single sex, day and boarding schools. A total of 84 respondents were interviewed, this included one school head from each school, head of computer studies from each school and 70 students from all the schools. In chapter one, the study explains the background of the study, the historical background, it states the objectives of the research and explains the statement of the problem and lastly it defines the scope of the study. In chapter two the researcher shows all the literature that is going to be used in the study. This will help the researcher especially in analyzing and compiling the research report. In chapter three, it specifically looks at the design, environment, sample size determination, the respondents, and research instruments and how data analysis was used for this study. In chapter four, the researcher is concerned with data presentation, interpretation and analysis of the finding from the field. The study was meant to establish the impact of computer education on student's perf01mance considering some selected schools in Vihiga district, Western province in Kenya. In the last chapter, the study is involved in discussing the findings of the research, it has also made conclusions and finally it has made recommendations based on the findings on the ways of improving the quality of computer studies in secondary schools in Vihiga district, Western province, Kenya.
A Dissertation submitted as required in partial fulfillment of the award of Bachelor’s degree in science with education of Kampala International University.
Computer education, Students' performance:, Kenya