Product brands and consumer decision making in fast moving consumer goods among Kansanga in Kampala (a case study of golden fry cooking oil bidco - Uganda limited)

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study was to assess the product brand and consumer decision making in fast moving consumer goods among Kansanga in Kampala. A case study of Golden Fry cooking oil Kampala Uganda. The main objectives was to determine the influence of brand loyalty on consumers' commitment to repurchase or otherwise continue use of brand in fast moving consumer, To determine the effect of consumer's knowledge as a result of brand equity which makes the product manufacturer responds differently or adapt measures for the marketing of the brand, To determine the effect of pricing strategies adopted by the product brand on consumers choice of the brand chosen. The findings of the research revealed that Brand loyalty shows customer preferences to purchase a particular brand; customers believe that the brand offers the enjoyable features, images, or standard of quality at the right price, Brand as a set of brand assets and liabilities that are connected with a brand. The research recommended that organizations should determine how they can use brand name to promote positive qualities, and put the branding message out to the consumer such that consumers believe in the brand name, what it means, and consumers may be able to make a clear purchase decision, organizations should create brands as identity, which could tell people who have never been to the establishment something about the organization. Organizations should use brand effectively.
A dissertation submitted to the College of Economics and Management of Kampala International University in partial fulfillment for the award of Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Management
Product brands, consumer decision, consumer goods, bidco - Uganda limited