Organizational Culture and Academic Staff Competence, In Makerere University Kampala, Uganda.

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Kampala International University, Degree Master in Human Resource Management
The purpose of this study was to generate new information based on the study findings. The objectives of this study were; (i) to examine the extent of organizational culture, (ii) to examine the level of Academic Staff competence and (iii)to examine the relationship between organizational culture and academic staff competence in college of education and external studies at the University. Descriptive research design was used where correlation and comparative descriptive strategies were applied. The target population included all the academic staff in the college of education and external studies at Makerere University. The standardized questionnaires were used and the Sloven's formula was used to determine proportionate. Simple random method was used in this study. The data was analyzed by Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS).The findings revealed that majority of the respondents were junior Staff and at least equal number of respondents from each department participated. In addition most respondents were Master holders and male dominated in the participation. Further majority of the respondents were in their early adulthood. The overall Average mean on the level of organizational culture was found to be very low mean= 1.633 with the entire item rated low. While the level of academic staff competence was rated high mean average=2.60 The study established that there is a significant relationship between the level of organization culture and the level of academic staff competence at the collage accounting to 63% basing on the ,-2 of 0.63 hence accepting the hypothesis. The researcher concluded that there are more male lecturers than females at the college. Most lecturers were in their early adulthood of 27-39 at 49% and majority with a Masters degree. The researcher also proved that there is no relationship between organization culture and employee competence.
A Thesis Proposal Presented to the College of Higher Degrees and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master in Human Resource Management
Organizational Culture, Academic Staff Competence