Environmental health determination and assessment of physico-chemical characteristics in Oloshi River, Nigeria

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The Physico-chemical characteristics of the surface waters and sediment in Oloshi River, non-tidal fresh water were studied between July and December 2015. The Oloshi River drains and receives effluents from cassava mill treatment (starch mill) factory and oil companies in the area. The inhabitants are predominantly farmers and fishermen. All parameters were analyzed using standard methods for examination of water and waste water (ALPHA 1998). The results of water and sediment physico-chemical parameter lies between a mean range of 4.2- 4.4 for pH, 28.5°C for temperature, 1.4-4.8 NTU for conductivity, 1.4 – 4.9 NTU for turbidity, 3.9 – 4.4 ppm for Po4, 0.2 – 1.2 for No3, BOD= 1.1 ppm. The results showed low physico-chemical levels which do not pose serious health risk except for phosphate levels with a range of 3.89 to 4.4 ppm. With regard to seasonal variation, dry season recorded higher values than rainy season except for pH and No3 of the sediment parameter in which the rainy season recorded higher than dry season. Increased level of pollutants in the Oloshi River may have significant effect on the ecological balance of the River.
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Anthropogenic, Assessment, Environmental Health, Eutrophication, Nigeria, Physical Chemistry, Oloshi River