Competitor analysis and growth of market share. Case study: the Sarova Stanley Hotel, Nairobi.

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
Every corporate organization has its missions and goals well defined and clear on its radar screen, and for this mission and goals to paramount, achieved strategic management is For this reason, analyzing competition cannot be overlooked since it's vital in an organization strategic management. Any organization can clearly identify itself with the industry in which it plays in, and identifying itself within an industry means that an organization is not the only one that offers products and services in a particular industry there are other players as well. Competitor analysis was designed by management gurus(Michael Porter and Phillip Kotler) as an important exercise that was purely meant to look at what other players in the industry are up to and to position an organization by developing competitive advantages. By analyzing competitors a company maps out their competitive advantages and disadvantages and look at what makes competitors tick. This project seeks to identify competitor analysis practice in organizations with particular interest at the Sarova Stanley Hotel in Nairobi. The hotel is among the leading five star hotels in Kenya and that tells one how competitive the environment of Nairobi town is since it's the hub of commercialization and important meetings which are held in big hotels such as the Sarova Stanley. The study was conducted from the period of June to August 2008, during this time the researcher was doing three months internship, and this gave him a better understanding of competitor analysis.
A Research Report Submitted To The School Of Business And Management In Partial Fulfillment For The Award Of A Degree Of Bachelors Of International Business Administration Of Kampala International University
Competitor analysis, Market share, Sarova Stanley Hotel, Nairobi