The impact of the media on influencing popular culture among the youth: case study: Nairobi City, Kenya.

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study is concerned with the social behavior of the youth as influenced by the media with regard to popular culture. The variables under the study were the social effects that popular culture has on the society as well as its effects on the social behavior of the youth, both in the negative and the positive aspects. The supportive respondents consisted of mainly the young people who are consumers of the media and are therefore mostly influenced by popular culture as depicted by the media, as well as media representatives who are responsible for the messages that influence the youth. Popular culture has affected not only the youth but the society as well, in both negative and positive ways. Improved literacy, self development of the youth and improved global communication are some of the positive aspects brought about by Popular culture as depicted by the media. Cultural disenfranchisement, sexual pervasiveness, drug abuse as well as violence and crime among the youth in society are some of the setbacks of popular culture. The recommendations put forward in the research study will be helpful to the concerned parties in society including the government, in trying to understand the issues affecting the youth and therefore curbing the problems caused by the influence of popular culture as spread by the media among the youth in Nairobi.
A dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law in partial fulfillment for the award Of Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication of Kampala International University.
Media, Youth, Popular culture, Nairobi City, Kenya