The impact of Teachers Attitudes in the Implementation of Inclusive Education and Performance of Learners in inclusive settings in Central Division, Macha Kos District, Kenya.

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning.
The research addresses issues such the factors hindering the implantation o( inclusive education in primary school in Central division within Muchakos district. the researcher used qualitative method: he opteded for this method because it i.1 u maller o{ descrihing the claw co!!l'Cted using \l'Orcls. The researcher used questionnaires comprising of eight questions. They ll'eff taken to three schools in the ~one. Three teachers in ei·err sclwolji/led the questionnaire to represent the /urge pop11/u1io11. The researcher found 1hu1 the ke.r factor to hindrance is trained mun poll'er. negaliff attitudes lmrnrds learners ll'ilh .1pecial need educations. The researcher conclucled thut the three 1111ur1ers o/the teacher in the Zone hl11·e 1101 heen access to inch1sii·e educatio11. He therefore. n•com111emlecl thut there is need lo trllin lo teachers per school in the Zone. Create cnrnreness lo the gene ml puhlic a/){){{/ the importance o( supporting learners 11·i1h speciul needs educution. X
A research report presented to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Ward of Degree of Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and Primary Education of Kampala International University.
Teachers Attitudes, Education and Performance, Learners, Impact, Machakos District, Kenya