Prevalence and factors associated with dental caries/decay among patients who attend dental clinic at lira regional referral hospital

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Kampala International University. School of Health Sciences Western Campus
This was a descriptive cross sectional quantitative study, carried out at LRRH in Lira municipality, northern Uganda. A total of 100 respondents were sampled and interviewed. The study aimed at assessing the prevalence and factors associated with dental caries/decay among patients attending dental clinic at LRRH. Results: From the study 100% of the respondents agreed to brushing their teeth, out of which 41% brushed their teeth once a day, 21% after every meal, 34% twice daily and 4% not every day, which indicated therefore that the majority of respondents brush their teeth only once a day. Most of these respondents use fresh-up 48%, followed by ABC Dent 23%, Colgate 17%, Delident, others 3% and 9% respectively. Most of them also change their tooth after every 3 month, 63% followed by after every 6 month, 20% and only when it wears out or breaks 17%, 37% of the respondents were aware that it was carbohydrates that cause dental carries/ decay, followed those who did not know what causes dental carries/ decay 28%, protein, vitamins and minerals had 16%, 12% and 7% respectively. Cassava was the staple food among respondents 66% followed by Posho 20%, sweet potatoes 8% and millet 6%. 39% of the respondents had visited the dentist more than two years ago. 69% visited the dentist for tooth extraction while 11% had gone to the dentist for check-up. 80% of the respondents had not attended any dental clinic seminars while 20% had attended dental seminars. Majority of the respondents were aged between 16-25 years and were single 54% and most of them were female 64% while male were 36%. Most of the respondents were also female and primary drop outs. Conclusion: There is still need for research to be carried among patients attending dental clinic at LRRH, a large population of the respondents do not know proper oral hygiene, poor dental seeking behaviors and some still do not know the effect of sugary food or the cause of dental carries/decay on their teeth. The condition is common among those age 16-25 years and single.
A research proposal submitted to the faculty of clinical Medicine and dentistry in partial fulfillment of the Requirement for the award of a degree of bachelor of medicine And Bachelor of surgery of Kampala International University
Dental caries, Dental Clinic, Lira regional referral hospital