Metalinguistic awareness on students’ writing skills: a case of selected high school students, Orolu, Osun State, Nigeria

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Kampala International University. College of Education, Open, Distance and E-Learning
The study examined the impact of metalinguistic awareness on students’ writing skills with a view to improving their writing performance in English language. The objectives were to determine the level of metalinguistic awareness on the written output of the students in the selected schools., to determine the level of writing skills of the students in the selected schools, and to examine the impact of metalinguistic knowledge in the areas of content words, organization and use of linking devices on the written output of the students in the selected schools. An experimental design was adopted for the study and the sample size was 166 respondents. All the student respondents were randomly divided into either control or experimental group of 83 students each. The research instruments in this study were test papers used as questionnaires. A pre-test was administered to gain the necessary background knowledge on student participants' subject-matter knowledge in writing skill which was thereafter followed by a post-test after a two-week explicit instruction on the established areas to measure the two groups' performances on their written output. The data obtained was analyzed using Descriptive statistics, Independent Sample T-test and Pearson Correlation. The obtained findings revealed that Metalinguistic Knowledge really does have an impact on writing performance of the language learners. That when students master words commonly used in the content areas of writing, organize and plan their written work very well and appropriately make use of connectives, they improve in their written output. Based on the finding, the study concluded that the approach of making the student writers be metalinguistically aware of certain well-defined aspects proved reliable and rewarding in the development of writing skills. The study recommended that teachers should be encouraged to consider implementing direct metalinguistic strategy instruction to improve students’ written skills when describing words. Writers of English language textbooks should be more current in order to produce textbook materials that would reflect developments and innovations in teaching essay writing. Governments, through the Education Ministries and other concerned people with the organization of conferences, seminars and workshops are encouraged to hold regular programmes to facilitate English essay writing skill using the approach exposed in this study.
A thesis report submitted to the college of higher Degrees and research for the partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of a Master Of Arts Degree In English Of Kampala International University
Metalinguistic awareness, Writing skills, High school students, Orolu, Osun State, Nigeria