Impact of Mass Media on Academic Development of Pupils in Primary Schools a case Study of Soroti Municipality

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Kampala International University. College of Humanities and social sciences.
The study examined the impact of mass media on academic development of pupils in primary schools. The study achieved the following objectives, to examine the role played by mass media in promoting primary education, to examine the challenges faced by primary schools in Uganda to examine government programs aimed at promoting primary education. Therefore the findings were based on the above objectives. Data was collected from a sample of 90 respondents in using self administered questionnaires and was later analyzed using Pearson correlation coefficient (r). The findings revealed that mass media plays a significant role in academic development of pupils in primary schools in Uganda (P=0.000<0.01, r=375) the study concluded that majority of the respondents agreed that mass media has played an important role in the academic development of pupils in primary schools Uganda. The findings showed that mass media has promoted academic development of pupils in primary schools through promoting girl-child education, promoting early childhood care and development, promoting gender equality, advocating for child protection, promoting child participation in learning and governance, discouraging child labor, promoting education for children with disabilities and advocating for human rights-based child friendly education. Additionally the findings showed the challenges faced by primary schools in Uganda which include high drop-out, early child marriage, child labor, girl child sexual abuse, early pregnancies and over stretched sanitation facilities. The study revealed further revealed government intervention programs iii promoting primary education which include promoted girl-education and quality sub-program me, supported UPE through establishing community-based complementary basic education, promoting child-friendly education and rights-based school, promoting gender equality and quality basic education, eliminating all forms of discrimination and abuses committed to girl-child in primary schools.
A Research Report Submitted to College of Humanities And Social Science In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication of Kampala International University.
Mass Media, Academic Development of Pupils, Primary Schools, Soroti Municipality