Factors influencing the utilization of HIV voluntary counselling and testing ( VCT) services among yputh between (15-35 years in Kitagata Town, Sheema District )

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Kampala International University, Faculty of Clinical Medicine and Dentistry
The study sought to identify factors influencing VCT services utilization among youth (15- 35years of age) in Kitagata town of Sheema district The study employed a quantitative approach. The data was collected from a sample of 180 youths of age (15-35years), data analyzed using Microsoft excel program. The study findings indicated that 84% of the youths were aware of the availability and location of VCT services. 38% of the youths heard about VCT services when they visited health Centre, 28% from radio/TV, 17% from drama, 10% from friends and 2% from posters while 5% heard from other sources like parents and school. This had promoted utilization of VCT services among youths in the district because the VCT services were free and nearer to the people. 81% of the youths go for VCT because they want to know their status. Some youths (19%) were not going for VCT services because of inconvenient hours of the VCT services (34%), long distance to be travelled to the VCT services centers (29%), fear of being found HIV positive (26%), lack of confidentiality from health workers (3%) and other reasons like health workers asking money for the services, use of protective like condoms, health workers being rude and inadequate counseling contributing to 8% Therefore the study shows that there is a need to provide more information on VCT to the youths through various media with special focus on the use of peer educators, youth radio program and school as important sources of information There is also need for health workers to access the needs and the preference of youth with the regards to VCT services and then provide these so as to increase utilization and therefore promote healthy living of the youth of this society
A dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of Kampala International University western campus in partial fulfillment for the award of A Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery
HIV voluntary testing, Testing services, Youth