Gender and academic performance of pupils in sciences in selected primary schools in Makindye East Sub Division, Kampala district Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
This report 1s about a study that aims at establishing the Gender and academic performance of pupils in Sciences in Primary Schools in Uganda. The study was conducted from ten selected Schools in Makindye East Sub Division, Kampala District. The study involved 122 respondents; 10 Headteachers, 32 teachers and 80 pupils. The objectives of the study were the following; " To compare girl enrolment and performance in science subjects with boys. " To establish if boys differ from girls in their attitude towards science subjects. • To find out if there is a difference in the study habits between boys and girl child in science subjects. The study used self administered questionnaires and an interview guide as the major data collection instruments. A review of the relevant written documents was also done to supplement the primary data. The data collected was represented in frequency counts and score tables with varying percentages calculated. Interpretations and conclusions were made according to the number of occurrences of each item The study findings reveal that boys enrolled for Science and Mathematics more than girls and at the same time performed better than girls who managed to enroll for the science and Mathematics subjects in Makindye East Sub Division, Kampala District. The study findings further revealed that girl children differ from boys in their attitude towards Science and Mathematics. The study also concluded that there is a difference in study habits between boys and girls; girls tend to concentrate more on English and Social studies subjects than on Science and Mathematics subjects. By the fact that the study findings could not be generalized, some recommendations were su00ested• The study recommends that teachers should be sensitized and guided on how to pass on career guidance and counseling messages to encourage girls to enroll in science subjects. Furthermore, role models that are women scientists already in profession should be invited for academic talks with girls. The study recommends that parents and teachers should discourage stereotyped ideas of what is suitable for each sex and avoid differentiating between household tasks for the children and avoid making remarks that have sex connotations.
Research Report Submitted To The Institute Of Open And Distance Learning As A Partial Fulfillment For The Award Of A Bachelor Of Education (Primary) Of Kampala International University
Gender, Academic performance, Pupils in sciences, primary schools, Makindye East Sub Division, Kampala district Uganda