Effects of domestic violence on women in Buziga Parish, Makindye Division, Kampala District Between 2004 And 2007

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
The study investigated the effects of domestic violence on women in Buziga Parish, Makindye Division Kampala District between. It was upon the background that the increasing cases of family break up results from domestic violence. The study therefore analyzed the forms, causes and effects. The study was guided by specific objectives that included; examining the forms of domestic violence against women in Buziga Parish, to ascertain the causes of domestic violence against women in Buziga Parish, to study the effects of DVW in Buziga Parish and to identify solutions to DVW. The study was both descriptive and analytical where primary and secondary data were used. Qualitative and quantitative data design was the basis for primary data. Documenting analysis was the major basis for secondary data. Qualitative data were sought through, interviews, observation and focus group discussion; questionnaires were the major basis for quantitative data. The study employed to respondents that included; children, parents wife and husband plus local leaders. The study majorly found out that, the major forms of DVW are; beating, damage to property assault, and confinement. The major causes of domestic violence are; poor cultures and customers, men behaviour, unfaithfulness, poverty, history of violence, women's bad behaviour and improper and ineffective laws. The major effects of DVW were found to be divorce, disruption of school performance of children, body deformities, violence to children, division between relatives and death of victims. The major solutions were suggested as; love between partners reforming of laws, sensitizing the public about fatal effects of DVAW improving personal behaviour and joint development of homes. The study therefore concluded that; beating which includes, kicking slapping, pushing, boxing is the major form of DVAW which results form poor cultural customs and beliefs which put women in an inferior position. This results in divorce which leads to suffering of children as well and retarding of house hold Xll development some victims die on spot or contract STDs. The study therefore suggests developing love between partners because this is the basis for all household development. Te researcher therefore suggested that; the parents of spouses and relatives should give them enough counseling before they get married and during their marriage life. This would help them to solve their grievances before they erupt into physical and psychological abuses. The government and other stakeholders should engage in sensitizing the public about the fatal effects of abusing women. As table family can easily develop there would be effective sharing of ideas between partners. This should be done through print and audio media. Religious leaders should move from one home to another teaching married couple about the benefits of having a settled stable family. The government should empower women through giving them soft loans to start income generating activities. Credit and saving schemes such as PRIDE Uganda, FINCA, FAULU should set soft standards for the women in order to access loans to set self help projects. Government should subsidize by giving them implements and areas where to work from for instance, market places. All culprits perpetuating DVW should be sued to courts of law. They should be given appropriate penalties so as to reform. Women should be sensitized about their rights and stand firm to report to courts of law all those that abuse them. Different families should join in developing themselves. Different initiatives such as 'Nigiina' a local women initiative to develop their household should be started and empowered by NGOs for development. There should be improvement in cultural customs and beliefs, the cultural leaders should sensitize their clan members about what they should follow and neglect. In summary, there should be effective sensitization of the public about the effects of DVW; this would empower women and public about the fatal effects of DVW and the positive effects of having a violence free family. Government and development agencies should empower women economically to help their husbands in developing their homes.
A research report submitted to the Faculty of Education in Partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award Of The Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Education of Kampala International University
Domestic violence, Women