Teacher motivation and teacher performance in secondary schools of Jinja central division in Jinja district, Uganda.

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Kampala International University, College of Education Open and Distance Learning
A study on teacher motivation as determinant of teacher performance in secondary schools in Jinja central division was carried out with the main objective of establishing the relationship between teacher motivation and teacher performance. The specific objectives of the study were; to establish the relationship between teacher motivation and performance, to determine factors that influence teacher motivation, to establish ways of motivating teachers so as to improve on their performance, to find out the factors that affect the teachers' performance. The 1opulation used consisted of 56 teachers who represented the secondary school teachers of Jinja central division. In this case 25 teachers were got from Jinja S.S.S, 16 from PMM Girls', 5 from St. James' secondary school, 10 from Jinja Modern S.S. and 10 from St. Peters' high ~boo!. The methods used in the investigation were quantitative and qualitative. The random sampling procedure was employed so as to ensure that all the teachers in the selected schools :e represented. The sources of data were both primary, obtained using questionnaires which ere distributed to the respondents and interview schedules. Secondary sources were also used, obtained from text books, dissertations, journals, internet, newspapers among others. The 1estionnaire designated questionnaire for teachers was used to collect data for teacher motivation and performance and the questionnaire designated questionnaire for students was used to collect data on teacher performance. The interview guide was also used and observation schedules were involved in collecting data. Data was analyzed around each of the 1jor seven questions so as to achieve the objectives of the study. Tabulations where by ivariate tables were used. This type was preferred because according to Amin (2005), p. 321 :y describe the attributes of one variable and its values are presented in form of frequencies. tdings reveal that there is a strong relationship between teacher motivation and performance ,econdary schools as 82.14% of the respondents strongly agreed that teacher motivation the t!ity and standard of performance in schools and that motivation encourages teachers to take management roles as 71.43% strongly agreed and also that teacher motivation is a secret of ool improvement as 62.50% respondents agreed. Finding also reveal that the demotivating ors such as strife ridden atmosphere and unreasonable demands created by management, Xl poor salary, discouraging team spirit, effecting heavy handed policies on teachers affects their performance. In conclusion, teacher motivation should be included as part of the working resources in an educational institution. The 10 salient points for motivation such as recognition, encouraging independence and creativity, availing training opportunities, ensuring safety of the work place, future security, respecting employees ideas and being accessible were recommended.
A research thesis submitted to the School of Postgraduate Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Degree of Masters in Education Administration and Management of Kampala International University
Teacher motivation, teacher performance, secondary schools, Jinja district, Uganda