Analysis of the legal and policy framework on sustainable wetland management

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
This Paper seeks to examine environmental impact assessment as a tool for enforcing environmental law in the oil and gas industry, the meaning of EIA, a brief history on the Development and status of the oil and gas industry in Uganda, the likely impact of the oil and gas exploration on the abundant bio- diversity in the Albertine region likely to be affected by the exploration process. the Histmy of EIA as a major tool for enforcing environmental law in the oil and gas industry, the legal frame work of environmental impact Assessment(EIA), the criticisms as regards the EIAs carried out so far and finally a conclusion. The question of management of wetlands is of key importance to Uganda. The reason for this is that 10% of Uganda's Land area of 205,333 km2 is covered by wetlands. Ugm1da's wetlands range from those fringing the Equatorial lakes at an altitude of I, 134m above sea level to tl1ose in the Afromontm1e regions of Mt. Elgon and the Ruwenzori range which may be found as high as at 4,000m above sea level. This large wetlm1d resource is explained by a climate of high rainfall and the general topography of the country. The wetlands m-e spread throughout the country. This wetland resource has not always been regarded positively. In the Buganda Agreement of 1900, by which B1itain acquired the status of a protecting power over the Kingdom of Buganda, wetlands were referred to as wastelands and were vested in the Crown. A similar treatment was meted out to wetlands under the other two agreements concluded with Toro in 1900 and Ankole in 1901. The rest of Uganda, was declared Crown valid. As such wetlands were governed directly by British law in the whole of Uganda in the colonial period.
A research report submitted to the faculty of law in partial fulfillment for the a ward of a bachelor’s degree in laws of Uganda in Kampala international university
Environmental Law, Legal and policy, Sustainable wetland management, Framework