Design and evaluation a web-based database of military hospital of Kamenge, Burundi

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Kampala International University, College of Computing and Information Technology
The main objective of this research was to design and evaluate a web based database system that is able to keep track of all patients and staff records to ensure proper management and ensure accuracy and efficiency in the Military Hospital of Kamenge, Currently manual-based system of recording data and registering patients are used at MHK. This is associated with such problems as loss of valuable data, record mixing and insecurity to patient’s and staff records. The target of this new system is to improve the existing system so that patient’s records can be kept and processed in an efficient manner. The researcher therefore used an open source software environment to develop a web-based database for Military Hospital of Kamenge for the sole purpose of hospital and serving its clients efficiently and effectively. The researcher used random sampling to obtain relevant data whereby a total of 65 patients, doctors, nurses and pharmacists were selected to respond to the questionnaire and the observation related to the study. In conclusion, main objective of carrying out of this project was to implement system development knowledge in relation to Information Systems which was achieved by designing and evaluating a hospital information system. The objective has been largely achieved since the system has been developed and can be considered to have achieved most of the set out objectives. The researcher wish to recommend that the application be developed further to include more precise help files, handle other information needs like the development of the system at large to serve the whole hospital fraternity as well as security enhancement.
A thesis presented to the college of higher degrees and research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree Masters in Information System
Design and evaluation, web-based database, military hospital, Kamenge, Burundi