Poaching and food security in selected communities Around Murchison falls national park

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Kampala International University, College of Economics & Management
The study investigated on food security and poaching on selected communities around Murchison falls national park. It was carried in communities around Murchison falls national park in north western Uganda in district of Gulu, Masindi and Kiryandongo. Three objectives were specifically sought and these were; To investigate the importance of food security in north western Uganda. To assess the causes of poaching in Murchison falls national park.To find out if food security and poaching have some adverse effects to the selected communities (north western communities).A descriptive research design was adopted.Questionnaires and interview guide were used to collect the information. Among the respondents were community members, workers (employees in Murchison falls, tourists in Murchison falls. Major findings of the study indicated that; o Food security is still very poor in north western Uganda. However, it is not automatic that.all communities have that problem. Well off homes stand greater chances of maintaining food security compared to the poor families.Poaching is still there but it is on a low extent now around this area. Besides the above, there are also other factors that affect the communities but the most important one according to the findings.
A research dissertation submitted to the college of applied economics and management science in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of bachelor’s degree in tourism and hotel management of Kampala international University
Poaching, Food security, Murchison falls national park