The effects of specific learning difficulties and mathematics on pupils’ academic performance among selected primary schools of mtito-andei zone, kibwezi district, Kenya

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Kampala International University, School of Education, Open and Distance and E-learning
The research generally looks at the effects of specific learning difficulties in mathematics and academic performance of pupils in Mtito-Andei zone, Kibwezi District-Kenya. The major concern in the study is to find Out the effects of specific Learning difficulties in mathematics on educational performance among pupils. Simple random sampling, stratified and systematic sampling were employed in which 20 teachers and 50 pupils were selected as respondents. Questionnaires and observation were used as data collection tools. The data collected was organized and analyzed by use of statistical and descriptive methods. The research findings confirm the relationship that specific learning difficulties in mathematics have effects on academic performance among pupils. The research recommends the following; a) That, the ministry of education establishes and strengthens awareness policies among all. stakeholders in schools on c of SLD in mathematics b) That, creation of good Learning environment for pupils with SLD in mathematics is for great importance. c) Individualized educationalized programs. d) Guidance and counseling to all stakeholders, e) Appropriate training for teachers of special needs. f) The government to review he curriculum in conformity with the condition of SLD in mathematics.
A research dissertation submitted 0 the institute of distance learning in the faculty of education in partial fulfilment for the requirement of the award 0 a bachelor’s degree in education with special needs of Kampala international University
Learning difficulties, Mathematics on pupils’, Academic Performance, Primary Schools, Kibwezi district, Kenya