Influence of Social Media on Students’ Educational Attainment in Selected Secondary Schools in Kitgum Municipality, Kitgum District

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Kampala International University, School of Education, Open and Distance and E-learning
The purpose of this research study was to examine the influence of social media on educational attainment of students in selected secondary schools in Kitgum Municipality, Kitgum District. Five research questions guided the study. To achieve this, the descriptive survey research design was adopted. The purposive sampling technique was used to select a sample of students to partial~pate in the study. The study also employed the use of cross-sectional survey method using afive-point Likert Type Rating Scale Questionnaire titled Social Media and Educational Attainment of Students Questionnaire (SMEAS) to collect data from the particz2ants. The descrz~tive statistics off requency counts andpercentage were used to analyze the demographic data and major concepts of the research. The research findings showed that a great number of students (30.5%) in the selected secondary schools in Kitgum Municipality, Kitgurn district are addicted to social media irrespective of their age, sex and education level. To this end the researcher recommended that the government, through the relevant authorities, should remove taxes on online educational SNSs which provide avenues for discussions amongst students; school management bodies and the government should adopt the use ofsocial media in the teaching-learning process since it has got a sign~Icant influence on students’ educational attainment. However, adequate control mechanisms should be formulated in this regards so as to check against social media misuse in schools. Parents should, at all times, impart good morals on their children so as to create consciousness of what they share online. This will help guard against instances of cyber-bullying, exposure to pornographic materials privacy encroachment, among others; and~ students should create online social learning groups for academic consultations and discussions amongst themselves and their teachers.
A Research Proposal Submitted to the College of Education; Open, Distance and E-Learning in Partial Fulfillment of The Requirements for the Award of Bachelor of Arts in Education of Kampala International University.
Kitgum District, Social Media, Students, Educational Attainment