Teachers’ motivation and academic performance in primary schools in Namayingo District in Eastern Region, Uganda

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Kampala International University. College of Education, Open, Distance and E-Learning
The purpose of study investigated about; the nature of teacher motivation among primary schools, factors influencing academic performance, the relationship between motivation and academic performance, and factors affecting the effectiveness of motivation on academic performance. Hypothesis was tested: H1: There is positive relationship between teacher’s motivation and academic performance in Namayingo district. A sample size of 374 respondents was used including teachers, directors of studies, and head teachers. Data was analyzed variously: Chi square test of significant level of p<.01 was used to test for Academic performance, mean, Confidence interval and standard deviation to establish factors of motivation, Pearson correlation to establish the relationship between motivation and academic performance and mean scores to present factors which affect the effectiveness of teachers’ motivation on performance. Results of the first objective showed that teachers in primary schools in Namayingo district are adequately motivated through Extrinsic factors and Intrinsic factors. The results of the second objective showed pupils inherent characteristics influence their academic performance in primary schools Behavior of Pupil. Pupil high speed learning, Pupils ability to recall lesson learnt. The third objective showed that: teacher’s motivation can explain the performance by 25% at P<.05. Objective four revealed that out of the ten factors that hinders the academic performance,53% of therespondents agreed while 47% of the of the respondents disagree with the factors explaining teacher’s motivation for academic performance of the learners. The study concluded that major improvement in teachers motivational factors will ultimately result in improvement in performance in primary schools in Namayingo district. Recommendations were made to government, society and research community to guarantee quality outputs; it must be serviced with appropriate trained and motivated teaching staff and adequate supplied facilities and equipments, timely payments of teachers’ salaries, allowances and promotions.
A dissertation submitted to the college of education as partial fulfillment for the award of a degree of Masters Of Education Management and Administration of Kampala International University
Teachers’ motivation, Academic performance, Primary schools, Namayingo District, Eastern Region, Uganda