Occupational stress on employee’s performance: a case study of workers in Somali Telecommunication Group Co. Ltd, Puntland Somalia

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Kampala International University, School of Business and Management
The topic of the study was stress on performance of employees of Somali telecommunication limited and the problem was to find out the effects of stress on employees performance in Somali Telecom Company The purpose was to establish the relationship between stress and employees' performance in Somali Telecom Company The objectives of the study were; to establish the forms of stress, effects of stress, as well as establish ways of how to improve performance in Somali Telecom Company The researcher used both quantitative and qualitative data collection technique Findings later revealed there is high occupational stress experienced in the company that affects employees' performance. According to the study, negative effects of stress affect performance through absenteeism, labor turn over and low productivity among others. In conclusion therefore, performance can be improved by conducting performance analysis to maintain proper performance standards of employees of Somali Telecom Company. The recommendations of the study were; proper payments of employees, employer-employee consultations as well as counseling to improve performance.
A Research Report Submitted to the School of Business and Management in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Bachelor's Degree of Human Resource Management of Kampala International University
Occupational, employee’s performance