Perception of Women on Genital Mutilation, Kapcherop Division, Marakwet Kenya

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Kampala International University, school of science with education
The purpose of the study was to investigate the perception of women on Genital Mutilation, within Kapcherop division of Marakwet District Kenya. The research was executed by use of questionnaires. These were distributed by the researcher. The data collected was analyzed based on the study of objectives and summarized in form of tables. The study employed descriptive survey method to determine the perception of women on FGM in Kapcherop Division, Marakwet District Kenya. From the findings it was concluded that the highest percentage of women have a negative attitude towards FGM it is thus recommended that FGM is not practice of the time, and the authorities should look into it and terminate it at aH costs
A Research Report presented to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning of Kampala International University In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree Bachelor of Science in Education
Perception of Women on Genital Mutilation, Marakwet Kenya